Prinz of Vienna Patisserie was established in July 2000 by husband and wife team Michael and Margie Prinz.

When Michael an Austrian/Vienna born bakery/pastry chef and Margie a Belgium trained chocolatier/patissier opened in Attadale the community was in for a surprise.

For the first time their clever new concept allowed a customer to sit down and watch them prepare their favourite cake or pastry right in front their eyes, while enjoying a coffee, cake or light meal.

As they continuously surprised their clients with a never ending stream of new products, soon word got out about their Viennese inspired creations.

This trend still continues today. 20 years of business growth later, you can can still find Prinz of Vienna products in selected supermarkets, delis, cafes and restaurants.

Today they provide speciality products to the health and aged care sector in Perth, mining clients and several local and international franchises in WA.

For information about their wholesale services click here.

While  Michael & Margie no longer run their retail cafe, all the cakes and pastries their clients have come to love over the past 20 years, are still available right here. Feeling nostalgic? You can also visit their factory outlet in Booragoon……..still serving the best coffee around.